Build powerful Conversational Intelligence apps

Go from zero to hero in minutes. Connect your assets and transcripts from your favorite ASR or Speech-To-Text provider and build conversational intelligence apps quick.

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Speech to texttranscript editorspeakervideo palyerreal time labellabelaudio timline

Eliminate the hassle of building Conversational app

We make it easy to build apps leveraging ASR/STT using our SDK and UI components without burning months of developer time.

Headless & API first
Headless & API first

Simple API & Toolkit that help that give you power to build or integrate conversational intelligence without prior ML expertise

Build or Integrate fast
Build or Integrate fast

Use prebuilt components and templates to  build apps or embed conversational intelligence with record time to market.

Enterprise grade performance
Enterprise grade performance

We let you focus so you can build what matters without the need to manage any infrastructure or workloads.

Go live with a few lines of code…

Define powerful roles on the dashboard and save 100s of lines of client code


Send STT API's data

Share conversational data from any ASR and NLP providers


Add UI Component

Prebuilt UI Components to build conversational apps, and note takers, add transcript editor to your platform in 25 mins.


Go Live & Analyse

Pick from our pre-defined templates or define your own roles.

Features that get you results

Powerful Customizable UI
Powerful Customizable UI

Our headless UI components works with all popular frameworks. This includes conversational docs - an entirely customizable, collaborative transcript editor, annotator and labeller.

Intelligence Warehouse
Intelligence Warehouse

Store your assets & transcripts in a store that supports: Versioning, Labelling, Commenting, Collaborative Editing. Create Custom NLP models for your domain with ease.

Supports top speech-te-text providers
Supports top STT providers

Bring your transcript data from top Speech-To-Text providers.

Continual Learning
Continual Learning

We learn from the tags, annotations and edits to your transcript made by your end users and continually improve upon them.

Participant analytics
Participant analytics

Analyze participants across meetings, their sentiment, questions, important moments or pschyographics.

Create Custom NLP Models
Create Custom NLP Models

Create custom NLP models to automatically detect moments that are unique to your domain.

Everything developers require to rapidly create or integrate amazing Conversational Apps .

Prebuilt Components
Prebuilt Components

Prebuilt templates to build conversational intelligence in your app within 15 minutes.

Custom Integration
Custom Integration

Develop a fully customizable  app for any framework within a few hours.

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Create transcript editor in few line of code

A complete Conversational Data platform

Platform Highlights
Real time collaboration
Timecode management
Comments and Notification
Live transcription tagging
Transcript Export
Visualise NLP on Transcript
Create highlight reels
Burn subtitles on video
Support top ASR providers
Specify backup of ASR
Retranscribe section
Sharing links
UI Components
Speaker Activity
Meeting Summary View
Video player with annotations
Highlight reel viewer
Find and replace
Transcript Editor
Moment marker
Embed transcript player
Visual timeline and soundwave
Embed quotes
Proofreading helper
Intelligence Warehouse
Participant analysis
Personalised vocabulary
Search transcripts

Start for free! Pay as you grow

Build or integrate Conversational Intelligence into your apps today.

For Developers
Supports top STT providers
Conversational docs
Transcript editor
Transcript evaluation & comparision
NLP models such as Sentiment, Action items, Q&A.
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For Start-ups & Enterprises

Everything in Starter Tier plus

Continual Learning
Real-time transcriptions
Create custom NLP model
Custom Integrations
Conversational Analytics
Collaborative Editing Support
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